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When dealing with high-value, highly complex transactions, minimising risk and maximising returns is the absolute priority. Through our transaction advisory services, including comprehensive mergers and acquisition services, valuation services, due diligence advisory, capital market advisory and debt advisory services, we can ensure your transaction process – whatever the project – produces optimal value.

During the past five years, our team has participated in merger and acquisition projects with a  total transaction value exceeding €4billion. These engagements have included over 100 companies of varying size, with our portfolio revenues ranging from less than €1million through to large corporates boasting nine-figure turnovers. Regardless of the size of the business we’re working with or the demands of the project in front of us, our customers have always offered positive and encouraging feedback around our delivery.

In essence, our transaction advisory teams offer complete M&A solutions that are based on decades of expertise, unrivalled technical capability and knowledge drawn from RSM’s internationally regarded professional network.

Our services related to transaction advisory and due diligence advisory

  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax due diligence
  • Business due diligence
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisition services
  • Business and stock valuations
  • Carve-outs
  • Assessment of average working capital
  • Assessment of cash flow estimates
  • Review of closing balance sheet
  • MBO/MBI services
  • Debt advisory services
  • Capital market advisory

Within transaction advisory, our principal goal is to offer expert services that generate added value to your business operations and reduce risks related to your M&A projects. Acquisitions are often expensive and complex projects that require several expertise fields. Available data is often insufficient and difficult to interpret, multiple participants are included and the time schedule is typically tight. For most, M&A projects are once-in-a-lifetime, thus it’s important we ensure you make the most of the process.

In order to reveal risks and opportunities related to mergers and acquisitions, to speed up the acquisition process and to improve the cost-efficiency of the M&A project, we apply a systematic and proven process to all transaction advisory service engagements. We offer our customers comprehensive solutions ranging from planning to implementation of mergers and acquisitions and, if required, we will help in taking over the acquired business.

Comprehensive analysis. Identification and mitigation of risk. Maximising value. These are the key tenets of our approach, and we will tailor our efforts to each client in order to produce an ideal solution.

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