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Turnaround and Interim Management services

The Finnish business environment has gone through major changes in recent years. The competition is global and the economic downturn has made it difficult to do solid business planning and forecasting. At the same time, the financial markets have become more stringent, particularly because of intensified regulation of bank financing. We have built a strong team specialising in distressed situations with experience and geographical coverage, and we want to be involved in helping and solving our customers’ financial and operational problems.

Instead of a single consultation act, we offer a cost-efficient service package from our Group, the International RSM chain and our extensive network. Our solution offers change management in time-critical cases based on completely different approach compared with the currently used operational models.

Companies face a variety of threats and opportunities. Unexpected situations are usually difficult to tackle by a company on its own. Our CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) team comprises of certified turnaround consultants, and together with RSM Finland’s strong expertise it enables us to provide superior services for anticipating and preventing various threats to business.

Our services help customers to analyse, restructure and redirect their business in collaboration with different stakeholders. We offer:

  • in-depth analysis of the company's operations, and if necessary, product-specific and cost unit analysis
  • financial planning
  • reorganisation of financing
  • operational development
  • setting up and updating of business plans to meet the needs of management and the financier
  • assessment of the organisation's control functions
  • development and enhancement of liquidity and working capital management system
  • we also hold strong expertise in the official insolvency proceedings and can provide advice and support for all stages of the process


Our services help organisations even when it’s not justified or possible to hire a full-time CRO, CFO or other key employee. Strengthening the existing resources from project to project or supplementing the current expertise with an objective and independent professional provides flexibility to the organisation for changing situations.



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