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RSM Transparency Report 2018

Welcome to the 2018 RSM Transparency Report, which provides information on the structure and functions of the RSM network and how our global policies and procedures govern the provision of services that member firms provide to their clients. 

As a global network of independently owned and operated firms, RSM’s core purpose is to bring our firms around the world closer together to allow them to provide seamless cross-border services to their clients. Whilst our global policies and procedures are fundamental to us working cohesively together, true collaboration only comes when the collective shares the same values and vision for the future. Our member firms are united under the same high-quality standards – this is what they sign up to when joining the network. However, cultural fit and shared values are as important as our member firms’ commitment to our global expectations.

You can read more about our core beliefs of Understanding, Collaboration, and Ideas and Insight in this report. These beliefs are central to our client commitment – The Power of Being Understood – and underpinned by our shared global values of: Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Stewardship.

2018 has been another year of uncertainty for businesses, with geopolitical issues impacting every region of the world. Changing trade rules, regulations, tax regimes, and disruptive technologies are all challenges the middle market is facing, and that we are helping our clients overcome. 

Included in this report are two RSM Insight articles which are from a wider library of articles (found on that are designed to help the middle market find the opportunities and thrive in these uncertain times. 

While welcoming Marion Hannon to RSM, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to Bob Dohrer, our previous Global Leader for Quality and Risk, who left RSM in September 2018 to pursue a new career with the AICPA as Chief Auditor. During his six years with RSM, Bob played an integral role in our growth and success. Bob led the RSM technical team on many successful projects, all with a clear vision of enhancing member firms’ capabilities and capacity to provide the highest quality services to our national and international clients. This included the maintenance and development of RSM’s various policies and procedures, common methodology tools and processes, our inspection programme and due diligence of new firms, risk containment policies and, most recently, the three-year programme to significantly update and enhance our Global Audit Methodology.

However, there are many people within the network who contribute their time and expertise to the various leadership groups and committees that help to steer and guide the provision of our services and the way our network operates. Our thanks go to all those professionals for their dedication and commitment towards the development and sustainability of RSM.

Jean Stephens, CEO, RSM

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