Summary and timestamps

The possibilities of the future are seemingly limitless and infinitely fascinating. With new, innovative technologies and services being developed every day, what lies ahead for the automotive, real estate, and hospitality industries in the dawn of a new era?

Autonomous cars, powered with advanced AI capabilities and the ability to connect with one another are not only on the horizon but being tested all over the world. Software that supports people working from home has allowed more people to work and connect with each other from wherever they are, drastically changing employee’s work/life expectations. Slowly, dedicated office buildings are becoming less essential, leaving cities to reimagine a new way forward. In the Middle East and North Africa, increased domestic infrastructure investments, and rising entrepreneurship and innovation, are driving a demand for job creation. 

In this session you will learn how all of this, and more, is going to impact our professional and personal lives in the future. Join host, Onno Adriaansens, RSM Netherlands, and speakers; Lawrence Keyler, RSM US; Luc Toelen, RSM Belgium; Rohit Basu, RSM UAE; and Baasab Deyb, RSM UAE, as they explore current trends and exciting new technologies that will unlock boundless opportunities for new ways of living and working.  

If there is a specific area that you are interested in, you can use the timestamps below for reference:

00:00 - Intro

01:10 – Current key trends: Automotive

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Connectivity
  • Electrification
  • Shared mobility
  • Human-machine interface
  • And more…

07:03 – Current key trends: ESG-focused real estate

  • Changes in the work-life balance
  • The impact of the European Green Deal
  • The importance of non-discrimination
  • Shortage of labour forces
  • Data utilisation
  • And more…

11:23 – Current key trends: Real estate in MENA

  • Increased domestic infrastructure investment
  • A larger focus on tourism
  • Changes in foreign policy stances
  • And more…

13:00 – Current key trends: Hospitality

  • Digitalisation
  • Advanced technologies and robotics
  • Personalisation
  • And more…

15:10 – Drivers that are changing the world: Automotive

  • Integration of phones and smart watches with vehicles
  • Augmented reality dashboards
  • 3D gesture technology
  • Inter-car communication
  • Automated cars and parking systems
  • And more…

21:16 – Drivers that are changing the world: ESG-focused real estate

  • Societal pressures of health and safety
  • Climate change’s impact on infrastructure
  • Land – shortage and optimisation
  • European Green Deal
  • And more…

24:46 – Drivers that are changing the world: Real estate in MENA

  • Needs for data security
  • Real estate as a service
  • The introduction of 5G
  • The use of AI in geo-spatial analytics
  • And more…

27:14 – Drivers that are changing the world: Hospitality

  • Sophisticated hotel technologies
  • Seamless package journeys
  • Fast automated services
  • Rise in environmental standards
  • And more…

29:26 – Key considerations for the future: ESG-focused real estate

  • A trend away from global logistics and towards local production and consumption
  • A more customer-centric approach
  • Increased focus on digitalisation and automatisation
  • Increased need for monitoring and information gathering, reporting, and auditing
  • And more…

35:25 – Key considerations for the future: automotive

  • An increase in resiliency and forward-thinking mindsets
  • Increased investment into research and development
  • A transformed supply chain
  • And more…

40:26 – Key considerations for the future: Hospitality

  • A rise in tech-augmented hospitality:
  • Plugs and sockets replaced with invisible technology
  • AI and personal service will compete and compliment each other
  • Highly personalised interfaces, such as an ‘i-concierge’ built into your room
  • And more…

42:15 – Conclusion


Onno Adriaansens
Head Real Estate Desk and Co-chair European Real Estate Group, RSM Netherlands
Lawrence Keyler
Global Automotive Sector Leader, RSM US
Luc Toelen
Partner, RSM Belgium
Rohit Basu
Associate Director, RSM UAE
Baasab Deyb
Partner, RSM UAE