In our latest ‘Finding opportunity in change’ series, where we offer expert insights from business leaders as they navigate change and transformation, we hear from Andre Spicer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bayes Business School, the leading global business school in London.


In this video, ‘Reimagining the workplace: Expectations of the future worker’, Andre Spicer considers the changing shape of the future worker including insights covering these critical topics:

  • How our roles and responsibilities are becoming blurred as technology plays an increasingly important part of our working lives
  • The changing skill-sets desired by businesses as the appetite for digitisation and automation rises
  • The challenges associated with continuing the momentum in diversity and inclusion in the workplace we have seen in recent years
  • How the now normalized home or hybrid working is impacting career projections and opportunities for recognition in the workplace
  • How we can achieve an effective work/life balance in the future
  • ​The need for leaders to adapt their communication styles to engage the future workforce

By using a persona to follow a future career path and the stumbling block and opportunities on the horizon, Andre builds a picture of what the future world of work may look like.


Andre Spicer
Andre Spicer
Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Bayes Business School