Authors: Jacob Elkhishin, Partner, Risk Advisory and ESG services at RSM Australia, Rich Hall, Partner and Head of Sustainability at RSM UK, Gidion Lont, Sustainability Consultant at RSM Netherlands, Kareem Abu Eid, Partner and Sustainability Services expert at RSM Kuwait

RSM International’s podcast series, Global Spotlight, shines a light on the biggest issues facing middle market businesses across the world. By drawing on RSM’s global professional services expertise, we will challenge perceptions, ask difficult questions and encourage lively conversation and topical debate. 

One of the most critical issues we face today is environmental sustainability as climate change threatens the future of the planet. Governments and businesses have begun to implement climate measures, but do they go far enough? How can nations and businesses foster a united approach in order to create a long-term positive impact? 

This was the focus of discussion at the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, which took place 6th - 20th of November, and saw leaders, representatives, campaigners, and lobbyists from around the world examine the action required to combat climate change. 

As some disappointment lingered from COP26, our experts from around the world considered how COP27 measured up. Join RSM’s podcast host, Jon Cronin, Jacob Elkhishin (RSM Australia), Rich Hall, (RSM UK), Gidion Lont (RSM Netherlands), and Kareem Abu Eid (RSM Kuwait), as they explore the following points, and much more: 

  • The expectations vs reality of COP27 
  • The standout agreements made and any changes to past net zero agreements 
  • Progress made on measurement and reporting of impact related activity and net zero targets 
  • A regional look at how COP27 has influenced key decision makers including the impact in the Middle East and North Africa region



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