Of the many challenges that businesses faced in 2022, the cyber security risks, and breaches that occurred, were particularly prolific. The world has continued to adopt a more digitally-focused lifestyle with working from home becoming more widespread than it has ever been. Additionally, the rapid adoption of advanced technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and a reliance on data analytics have meant that there are now more points of vulnerability for cyber attackers to exploit and launch more sophisticated attacks. 

There is a lack of board-level awareness and understanding to the sheer scale of the threats and potential attack points, leading to many businesses acting to contain attacks rather than preventing them. On top of this, the skills gap for in-house cyber security expertise has widened. With cyber security concerns increasing worldwide, how can businesses prepare for the road ahead? 

In this episode of Global Spotlight, host, John Cronin, is joined by cyber risk experts Sheila Pancholi (RSM UK), Gregor Strobl (RSM Germany), and Ashwin Pal (RSM Australia) as they discuss the following topics: 

  • The major cyber security trends of 2022 and concerns for 2023  
  • Considerations for business leaders in the face of more sophisticated cyber attacks  
  • How businesses could overcome newfound cyber security risks  
  • And much more… 

RSM International’s podcast series, Global Spotlight, shines a light on the biggest issues facing middle market businesses across the world. By drawing on RSM’s global professional services expertise, we will challenge perceptions, ask difficult questions and encourage lively conversation and topical debate.