Celebrating Entrepreneurship

In tough economic times, entrepreneurship and innovation are more important than ever as companies and businesses continue to battle in an ever-crowded market place. An entrepreneurial spirit can make the difference between win and lose as the competition toughens. However, entrepreneurship does not come as standard and those who do it well should be recognised for their achievements. This year, we are celebrating entrepreneurship through our sponsorship of the European Business Award's (EBA) Entrepreneur of the Year award. The EBA is an independent Awards programme designed to recognise and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in the European business community.

At RSM International, our member firms work with many young, dynamic and growing businesses and sponsoring these awards is our way of showing support for the entrepreneurs who push their businesses through adversity to succeed.

Speaking of best practice and innovation, Duncan Goose (a previous recipient of the RSM International Entrepreneur of the Year Award) comes to mind. His story is an interesting and inspiring one. Duncan quit his lucrative job in advertising to set up the not-for-profit organisation Global Ethics, with the aim to raise funds for projects in developing countries. His company launched ‘One Water', a brand of ethical bottled water whose profits go to providing water solutions in Africa. This also demonstrates how success comes in many forms and entrepreneurship is not just about growth and impressive balance sheets, but also about having a visionary approach and the leadership and management skills to turn these visions into reality. There is no doubt hard work also has a large part to play in this inspiring story.

In 2010 the Awards engaged with over 15,000 companies and included entries from a very diverse group of businesses across all economies in Europe.

The European Business Awards 2011 are currently open for entries.


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer