A Day to Remember

As the dust settles on the first RSM World Day, I am still enjoying the great feelings that were created around the world. Of course, I and the team in the Executive Office are the privileged ones, who at the centre of the activities have witnessed the truly global nature of this event. As we continue to receive the pictures and reports from RSM member firms, the evidence of how firms celebrated RSM World Day is mounting into an impressive compilation of ways to connect on a global level. Unlike most things in our modern world, these connections were made not through the use of technology, but through personal contact and effort, motivated by having a common purpose and a single focus for this one day. The volume of internal and external communications simply rocketed on RSM World Day. This level of connectivity means we are closer to one another and this translates in us being even better able to serve our international clients in a seamless manner wherever in the world they have needs. Because we are connected, our clients are too.

However, most importantly, not only are our staff more connected with each other, the variety of charity and volunteer work done in honour of RSM World Day has improved the lives of others all around the world.


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer