EBA entrepreneurs’ impressive growth during trying times

This is the second in a series of articles leading up to the European Business Awards Gala Event on 27 May 2014. RSM is the lead sponsor of the European Business Awards, click here for more information on the programme.

Since the European Business Awards began, RSM International has sponsored the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and we have always felt an affinity with the values it represents: innovation, tenacity and progress.

It bears repeating that these have been a difficult few years for European businesses and what impresses me most about this year’s nominees for the RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award is the sheer scale of growth some of them have seen during these trying times.

For example, Gregory Trebol was a little known electric-bicycle designer and manufacturer only eight years ago. Now his company, Easybike, is seen as one of the world’s leaders in its sector, enjoying a 25% market share in France and also a truly global market with a turnover of over £16m, 72% of which was exports to European countries and 5.4% to Asia and Australia.

Another which stands out is Airspeed Telecom from Ireland that was founded in 2003 that reports it has experienced year-on-year growth of 40%. This telecommunication-products business can now list reputable companies such as Zurich, Dairygold and RTE as clients. It is a staggering achievement considering how the Irish economy has fared since the crash.

I believe that all businesses, young or old, big or small, can be inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in all the companies that are nominated for the RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Every billion-pound business had to overcome the same problems as these companies to get where they are today, and in this sense, entrepreneurs embody everything the programme is about. I look forward to seeing these European companies leading the world of business for years to come.


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer