Europe’s biggest business competition brings benefits for all

A guest blog by Anand Selvarajan, RSM European Regional Leader

In the midst of challenging economic conditions in Europe, it is sometimes forgotten that the European Union is the world's largest economy, the top trading partner for over 80 countries, and contains some of the most entrepreneurial businesses in the world. These businesses continue to form the backbone of the European economic recovery and their success is testament to their drive, resilience and ambition.

The European Business Awards (EBA), of which RSM is proudly the lead sponsor, provides a platform for the promotion of excellence in European business. Now in its ninth year, the EBA has seen an unprecedented level of engagement, attracting over 24,000 businesses in 33 countries from across Europe.

The EBA showcases business acumen and innovation in all sectors and sizes of business and has seen new companies and SMEs competing with their larger peers. In this process, companies have the opportunity to learn from one another and feed off each other's success. This, of course, goes hand-in-hand with a healthy level of competition, and as the bar is set higher with each successive year, the aspirations of Europe’s businesses continue to grow.

We are looking forward to the EBA 2014/15 Gala Event taking place next week in London at the Hilton, Park Lane, in which 12 trophies will be awarded to outstanding European businesses.

As RSM’s new Regional Leader for Europe – I wish all the finalists the best of luck!