General public have their say on European businesses that make a difference

When we talk about the importance of voting, it is usually about electing a leader, a government or a parliament. However, often (and especially amongst the younger members of society), voting is more commonly associated with the trivialities of reality TV shows. However, recently, the European Business Awards announced that the ‘public voting’ stage of the competition is now open. Hundreds of businesses from across 33 countries are competing against each other for the title of National Public Champion.

These companies are hoping the general public will watch their video and vote for them on the premise that their business is the most innovative, brave, resourceful, environmentally sound or entrepreneurial, with a winner being elected in each country. This gives the general public the unique opportunity to vote for something that matters to them, to recognise and reward businesses that have made a difference in their community and that have strengthened their country’s economy.

The videos provide a fascinating insight into some of Europe’s most inspiring businesses and the story of their success. From large multi-country well-known brands to small entrepreneurial start-ups – there is something to learn from each. With over 93,000 votes cast last year, the public voting stage provides a great opportunity for these companies to showcase their achievements to a wider audience, and gain public support for their product.

At the same time, RSM firms across Europe have been getting involved by staging events to announce their country’s National Champions. Events have been held in Benelux, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, the Nordics, Romania and the UK, where business leaders have come together to celebrate their participation in the competition so far and meet and network with each other, before the big Finale in May this year.

EBA RSM FranceEBA Italy 

RSM France and RSM Italy celebrate with each of their country's National Champions

The videos are available to watch on the European Business Awards website and can be viewed and voted for by the public between 6 January and 24 February 2015. I encourage you to get voting!



Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer