If you think you can!

Guest post from Rudolf Winkenius, Managing Partner of RSM Netherlands and Host of the 2013 RSM World Conference

Henry Ford once said: “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re right!” This morning’s presentation from Jack Black – the second of the Conference – focused on the power of positive attitude. As Jack Black, the founder of Mindstore – one of the World’s leading personal development programmes – demonstrated today in an outstanding presentation which helped us all to focus our minds on the effect of left and right brain thinking – it is your attitude that always determines the result. If you open your mind, everything is possible.

As the second day of the RSM Conference draws to a close, I look back on the last 48 hours and reflect on the presentations and discussions that have taken place. I have been struck by the sheer positivity of our team here represented by over 250 people from our vast membership internationally. There is such a can-do attitude inherent in our people and approach to client development. It is very inspiring.

We have heard from a number of international organisations, some of which are our clients and some we hope will be clients in the future, about their business experiences and organisational journey. They have helped us to look at what we do from the client perspective and collectively think of new and interesting ways to add real value in our audit, tax and advisory service delivery. So many of the outside speakers and contributors to the Conference have commented on our genuine team spirit and the closeness of our team both cross-borders and cross-continent. It is that closeness, we believe, that makes the RSM difference when supporting client needs internationally. That’s why we believe you have to be Connected for Success. We agree with Henry Ford and Jack Black - if you think you can, you’re right!