Inspired by India

I just returned from a trip to Mumbai where I spent two days exploring the growth opportunities in India with the leaders of our member firm, RSM Astute Consulting*. Mumbai is very well known for its high energy and excitement and this trip certainly proved it no different. The positive energy generated from the people, in the offices and on the streets, is unbridled. One cannot help but leave feeling reinvigorated. The depth of the topics discussed, the forward thinking apparent in our discussions, and the patient and persistent manner in which plans are executed are all inspiring.       Throughout my 15 years with RSM, I have probably travelled to India at least once per year and through these years, met with many of the accounting professionals and business leaders in all of the major Indian cities. There certainly exists a depth of culture that pervades all aspects of life and an entrepreneurial spirit that is clearly prevalent. There are many Indian business success stories which we have all read about.       The country, as with many others globally, is facing some challenges - inflation has been on the rise with food prices most affected, the newspapers are full of reports on uncertainty with regard to corporate governance investigations, and an overhaul of the tax system at a state and national level is being discussed. The GDP growth rate continues to be high, projected at 8.4%, and there are no doubt challenges and pressures in order for the rate to be sustained at a level which provides for the vast population. These are being addressed at the national level and it was clear to me during my visit that there is a seriousness about ensuring India is a leader on the world stage.       The opportunities in India are there - the business success stories will, no doubt, continue to develop and even more world business leaders will rise. It really doesn't get more exciting than this.          *RSM Astute Group, with over 800 personnel, is collectively the fifth largest firm in India.



Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer