Introducing the RSM World

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new look RSM! Our international network will now be known as purely RSM, complete with a new "RSM World" logo representing our global connectivity as a network.

We’ve been on a very rewarding journey researching what our clients and partners understand about what makes us different as a network. Analysing these findings gave us some fascinating insights into our strengths and opportunities. It was an inspiring process, particularly when it revealed that RSM are increasingly known for a strong personal approach and entrepreneurial awareness in our work with clients and with each other. For partners, this means increasingly taking the time to understand our clients in depth, and working with them flexibly, efficiently and passionately to help them realise their ambitions. It means connecting with clients in order to earn their trust and respect, and connecting with each other to bring the power of the network to our clients. We call this 'connected for success', a theme which will feature in our global advertising and communications over the coming year.

The creation of this brand mark is a fundamental part of communicating these strengths and we believe reflects a closer representation of who we are – a strong global network of high quality audit, tax and advisory firms unified on putting clients first and delivering the highest quality advice, quickly and efficiently.


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer