Since the inaugural RSM World Day in 2012, RSM staff around the globe have come together each year to celebrate our shared purpose, vision and values. RSM firms celebrate in different ways according to their cultures and traditions, but we always have the same overarching goals and theme.

This is mirrored in RSM’s long-term strategic vision and business targets. We are all driving towards the same goals globally, but how we reach them will differ depending on the geo-political and economic environments in which we work.  It is this appreciation and understanding of our differences that creates the inclusive and diverse network that RSM is today.

The theme for this year’s RSM World Day is ‘Putting Our People First’, based around our belief that through the development of our diverse talent we can create a culture of innovation, in which our people thrive and drive growth for our clients.

Encouraging inclusion and diversity is a key driver of RSM’s future success, particularly when it comes to recruitment. We would like to help more young people gain the confidence to step into the accountancy profession by providing excellent role models and an environment in which talent can achieve its full potential, regardless of gender or background.

In order to attract and support more young people, we must continue to develop strong training programmes and partner with educational institutions to provide guidance and support in each stage of our employees’ careers. By investing in young men and women, we can help establish new ways of working and create a fairer balance within the industry, increasing our service offering to our clients as a result.

RSM World Day is designed to put our employees first as the most important part of our global organisation. By bringing together our talent from more than 120 countries and building upon our strong internal culture, we can make a positive impact on the profession and the markets in which we operate. It is only by investing in our people and putting their development at the centre of everything we do that we can deliver success into the future.