One day. One focus. One RSM.

Getting the team together to share and celebrate growth and success is certainly difficult, especially when that team encompasses 32,500 people across 700 offices worldwide.

However, on 20 September 2012, we will see our network of staff across 90 countries celebrate our shared vision of "Connected for Success".

RSM World Day, as we are calling it, is a celebration of our shared values as a global community - unified in putting clients first and in building close personal relationships and understanding, both with clients and between our colleagues across RSM.

Each member firm will celebrate in their own way, with events and activities to share knowledge and increase awareness of our strengths and successes as a global network of professionals. Indeed I have been thrilled to see such a wide variety of planned internal and external communications campaigns, including advertising in local and international media, social and charity as well as business events, competitions and direct marketing activity.

Since the “Connected for Success” campaign was launched in early 2012, RSM has recorded a 35% increase in the level of referred work between international offices. The statistics reveal a significant increase in the number of both new and existing clients choosing RSM to serve them across international markets, with that support provided across more than two geographic territories.

We know our brand promise has to deliver in real business terms, and to achieve this, every employee has to understand their fundamental role in the bigger picture. With this in mind, the aim of RSM World Day is to share knowledge and understanding of what has made, and is continuing to make us successful. And above all, to champion our belief and determination that it is through our close personal relationships that we will realise our collective global ambitions. "Connected for Success" - Globally - with our clients - with each other.


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer