RSM Academy – Strong relationships built on understanding

Last month, RSM ran its 9th annual RSM Academy welcoming its 479th graduate since it began in 2007. The programme sees RSM’s future leaders gather in Eindhoven, Netherlands, for a challenging week which sets out to improve their leadership skills, global awareness and how to work in multinational and multicultural teams.

The delegates, from 24 different countries representing all RSM regions, are organised into syndicate groups and put through a series of learning experiences before the ultimate challenge at the end of the week – pitching to the ‘board of directors’ of a large company (wonderfully played by RSM Academy staff members) who the delegates have an opportunity to interview, and be interviewed by.

The key to the programme is learning how people think, and how people work, and then using the different attributes of individuals to create a successful team. This sometimes involves understanding the psychologies and traditions of different parts of the world, and not only being sensitive to them, but using that understanding to help build strong, long-lasting relationships.

One delegate from McGladrey, RSM’s member firm in the US, said to me:

“It was great to connect with people from all over the globe, and in doing so, learn more about the RSM network. The lessons I have learnt here are applicable to my role in almost every task I carry out and will help me progress in my career, especially when it comes to international business.”

A delegate from Singapore said:

“It is important that as a network we act as one, and at the same level of quality wherever our clients may need to go, and this is something I will take away with me from this experience.”

I am very proud of RSM Academy and what great value it brings to the network, our member firms, and individuals. My thanks go to the RSM Academy staff for their professionalism and of course to our 47 delegates for being open-minded, and driving for success.


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer