Today, more than 51,000 talented RSM professionals from over 120 countries worldwide will come together to celebrate RSM World Day. This annual RSM event marks an opportunity for us to celebrate our common purpose and the benefits of being part of a global community. 

This year – our eleventh RSM World Day - we are coming together under the theme, Owning our Future. What does ‘Owning our Future’ mean? 

At RSM, we want to build sustainability and responsible business practices into everything we do. As the philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, once said, “Be not simply good, be good for something.” 

As one of the world’s leading assurance, tax and consulting organisations, we recognise the important role we must play in inspiring change as we support middle market businesses to achieve their commercial vision, whilst building sustainability. This means being an advocate for inclusivity, equality, transparency, purposeful growth and collective responsibility. 

Across RSM, our people and Firms are routinely engaged in impactful initiatives. They live our values through the RSM DNA; they inspire and develop colleagues through knowledge-sharing and industry-leading training programmes; they respect others and demonstrate inclusivity; they regularly volunteer to support their community; and continue to deliver best-practice consulting and assurance services, which are trusted by many thousands of clients globally. 

Today, we celebrate all of this amazing activity whilst taking time out to consider what more can be done and how we can better leverage individual or Firm activity to create a greater collective strength. At RSM, we truly believe that by working even better together, we can make a powerful, positive and lasting difference in everything we do and with everyone we engage with. 

‘Owning our Future’ is therefore not just a theme, but an on-going commitment to working together globally to do the right thing - for the right reasons – in the right way. That has and will continue to be key to our continued success and relevance. 

Globally, we are proud to be a participant in the UN Global Compact, and to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Women’s Empowerment Principles. These important global initiatives help to shine a spotlight on the role we can play – individually and as an organisation - to support sustainable development for people, planet and prosperity. 

At RSM, our brand promise has always been centred around the importance of basing thought, decision and action on a foundation of deep understanding. Today, we focus on building our understanding of where we are now, where we want to go and what we must put in place - and indeed what we can achieve. 

Today, RSM professionals take the time to reflect on what each and every one of us can do to act responsibly and build a better future wherever we have influence. 

I am proud that RSM is a wonderfully diverse and dynamic global organisation. Today is a day to celebrate what we have already achieved, and it is an opportunity to inspire each other to achieve our greatest potential in the future. 

Happy RSM World Day!