RSM World Day - now an 'award-winning' day to remember!

In October, I posted a blog about the amazing efforts of everyone in RSM who took part in RSM World Day last September (A day to remember). Back then, I was truly amazed by the passion and commitment of RSM people around the world. And last week, this special event for RSM received the Editor's Special Award at the International Accounting Bulletin Awards.

On RSM World Day - 20th September - RSM staff took part in a wide variety of both external and internal communications activities with the aim of focusing all of our people, in all of our member firms on RSM for one day.

Our message was simple: By focusing on a common objective for one day we can intensify the effect of our individual efforts. We can use our resources more efficiently to make RSM come to life and create a global impact – if we all take part, we will collectively benefit from each other’s efforts.  

With guidance from the Executive Office, but without direct mandate, firms in 69 out of 74 countries participated in RSM World Day activities. We did not dictate what member firms were required to do - they took the idea, got behind it and came up with some of the most innovative, exciting and unexpected ways to celebrate RSM World Day.

The pictures and stories that followed were a joy to see. Socially, staff were brought together by creating the first-ever global day of charity, volunteer and community work all in the name of RSM. From blood donations in Yemen to visits to elderly care homes and children’s hospitals in Malaysia, to clearing beaches in Panama and renovating a stalwart’s home in the Cayman Islands; RSM staff embraced RSM World Day by helping others. Commercially, we created the largest ever global advertising and PR campaign for RSM. Advertising, commentary and radio interviews took place around the world. And internally, staff enjoyed outings, team building events, presentations, cakes and much more to get to know each other and RSM a bit more.

I have always said that RSM is much more than just a telephone directory of people around the world who can provide audit, tax and advisory services. On paper, and by definition, we are a network. But we act, across the many cultures and traditions and ways of working, like a global unit, who treat each other, our clients, and other people who we work with, with trust, respect and a stubborn passion to help people succeed.

Across the world, RSM World Day brought being 'Connected for Success' to life.  I can't wait for this year's activities.


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer