RSM World Day: Strengthening connections and celebrating 50 years

It’s the 18 September 2014, which means that it’s RSM World Day once again - a day when the independent member firms of the RSM network unite and engage with national, or local, charities through volunteering and community work, and other charitable giving activities. Connections are strengthened between staff and clients as various events are held around the world to build relationships, learn more about RSM and celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Whether it’s visiting an orphanage, visiting the pyramids, or even staging a jazz concert, the aim is to focus RSM staff on the network’s values: quality, growth, developing its people and serving our clients. It’s also a day of fun as these videos from RSM RKT Group in Malaysia show! More pictures and videos from RSM firms celebrating RSM World Day will come pouring in over the next few weeks and we’ll be sure to share these with you.

Today, as we celebrate RSM World Day, our 50th Anniversary, and RSM winning the International Accounting Bulletin’s‘Network of the Year’ Award, I am very proud to be CEO of this great network.

Even though this is only the third RSM World Day, it’s amazing how many people around the world we have already helped, and this year, I know, will be no different.

Happy RSM World Day 2014!


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer