United in Understanding


The past four weeks have certainly been busy at RSM. Just two weeks after RSM World Day and our global brand launch on 26 October, over 300 RSM leaders from all corners of the globe gathered in Washington, D.C. for our annual RSM World Conference. This, of course, was the first time that the leaders of our firms had met personally whilst being united under one name, one global brand and one brand-positioning – The Power of Being Understood. As such, the theme for our conference was ‘RSM – United in Understanding’, and we drew upon this feeling of ‘understanding’ and looked at how we will apply it to our global strategy, as we look to further cement our position in the international market. 

It is important to note that though our new brand was prevalent throughout, and we had the opportunity to celebrate our new common look, this was a branded conference, not a conference about brand. The delegates took part in a packed agenda that included fascinating external talks from James Kynge, a world renowned journalist, specialising in the effects of China on the global economy, and Ken Schmidt, the former Director of Communications for Harley-Davidson. We were also joined by Andrew Fastow, ex-CFO of Enron Corporation, who shared his experiences around rules vs. principles.

Other sessions were geared toward how we service our clients, their expectations and, importantly, how together we can continue to raise the quality of our services, both nationally and internationally. I was particularly delighted to welcome three global RSM clients who shared their views in a panel session on adding value to their businesses, the importance of their relationships with key client servers and how RSM, as a global international network, is critical to their current and future needs as they grow their businesses.

The build-up to our World Conference is always busy but the pay-off is worth it – spending time with our RSM colleagues, strengthening long-standing relationships and building new ones – it is always a pleasure to be together. I am in no doubt that we have an exciting future ahead of us full of continued growth, quality and exceptional client service.

I must thank our friends and colleagues at RSM US for hosting our conference this year – please visit the RSM Pinterest site for more pictures and comments from our time in Washington, D.C. Also, the RSM momentum continues as we are in the midst of the world-renowned RSM Classic, an annual golf tournament which is part of the PGA Tour, held in Sea Island GA, USA. Keep up-to-date with the action by following us on social media.



Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer