A world united in thought and action

12 September 2013, is RSM World Day - a day when the independent member firms of the RSM network unite in thought and action to spend the day focusing on the international network to which they belong.

As CEO of the network, my focus is on bringing together like minded firms from as many countries as possible who share in the belief that what makes RSM special is the way in which we work with, support and promote our teams, our communities and most importantly, our clients.

In an ever more globalised world, the unity of our worldwide membership is key to delivering on the needs of our vast and growing transnational client base - from large multinational corporates to smaller home-grown companies who have international needs and aspirations.

RSM World Day is designed to communicate RSM’s shared vision and values to each and every member of staff across all member firms, but with 32,500 staff in over 100 countries, all playing an integral part in our global network, that can be quite a challenge.  Our first ever RSM World Day came to life this time last year, and with it came the largest co-ordinated day of global community work and global advertising that RSM has ever seen. Our members embraced the initiative, made it their own and collectively our member firms won the Editors Special Achievement Award from International Accounting Bulletin commending us for ‘Global Initiative of the Year’.

So, we have a tough act to follow. I already know that there will be many inspirational and rewarding activities happening around the world in the name of RSM – from sustainability projects in New Zealand to 5km charity races around the cities of Mexico. The stories, pictures and videos will flood in over the next few weeks and I will share with you these wonderful stories in due course. The beneficiaries of RSM World Day are not just the staff who love celebrating RSM World Day itself, or the clients who benefit from the strength of our international team relationships, but the many people all around the world who are helped by the charities that our member firms have chosen to partner with this year.

RSM World Day will again make a big difference to many people on a global basis. 


Jean M Stephens
Chief Executive Officer