The Global Real Economy - TPP, Brexit and Ireland

TTP, Brexit and the Republic of Ireland's 2017 budget                                                                                                 

This edition of The Global Real Economy includes articles from RSM US' chief economist Joe Brusuelas;  Aidan Byrne, Tax Partner, RSM Ireland; Howard Freedman, Partner, RSM UK;  Alistair Hynd, Partner, RSM UK;  Charlie Jolly, Partner, RSM UK;  Andy Murray, Partner, RSM UK; and Mike Thornton, National Head of Manufacturing, RSM UK

This report covers:

  • Why the TPP matters: Trans-Pacific Partnership would be a major boost for global middle market businesses
  • Brexit: The story so far
    • How Brexit is affecting the infrastructure sector
    • UK manufacturers face uncertainty, but golden opportunity exists
    • Real estate continuing to feel Brexit aftershocks
    • Weaker sterling may present select opportunities for private equity
  • Ireland’s 2017 budget eases multinational company fears

Led by RSM US' Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas, The Global Real Economy is part of a larger effort by RSM to provide clients with actionable insights and middle market-focused analysis around critical international business issues. Our thought leaders are professionals with years of experience in their fields who strive to help you and your business succeed.

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