Audit and assurance

With the global business environment constantly shifting, it has never been more important for an organization to ensure it is primed for growth and progression. Independent audits and assurance are a key part of this, and our range of auditing services can lighten the load for you in this area.

RSM provides auditing solutions to listed companies, public interest bodies, companies belonging to international groups, as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We tailor our professional auditing solutions to the needs of your business and work with you to address your requirements.

Our audit and assurance services

RSM provides a range of services depending on the needs of your business, making the most of our network of 48,000 staff and partners across more than 120 countries to ensure you get the most accurate advice possible.

We can help with:

  • Statutory audit - If you need a legal or voluntary audit, RSM's audit specialists provide guaranteed independence, objectivity, and competence. Our AI audit software and Orb methodology speed up the process too.
  • Acknowledgment and certification services - Encompassing a large and nuanced set of multidisciplinary activities that are constantly evolving, RSM has been a leader in this assurance service at a national and international level for years.
  • IAS/IFRS and US GAAP transition and implementation - Allow RSM to bring your business up to the International Financial Reporting Standards, or those of the United States.
  • Business plan certification - We can show that your business plan is feasible and meets any financial and economic conditions, positioning you well to win contracts for significant projects.
  • Crisis management - If your business appears to be heading for bankruptcy, liquidation, or receivership, we can review your liabilities, liaise with creditors, and take care of any formal proceedings.
  • Valuation services - Find out how the local or global economic situation has affected your company or ensure due diligence is carried out by audit specialists ahead of a merger or division.
  • Forensic – accounting and anti-fraud investigation - Criminal acts are a major loss factor for business. We can help protect your company from such threats, avoiding potential reputational damage.
  • Monitoring Trustee -When there are competition concerns around M&A transactions, authorities may request a monitoring trustee to ensure compliance with their decisions. We have significant expertise in this area across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Why pick the audit and assurance services of RSM?

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ business. Our strict in-house procedures guarantee quality, independence, and technical knowledge of the market, ensuring the highest standards of corporate auditing services.

We strive to make sure that appointed partners and managers are present throughout the entirety of the process to give a consistent and professional audit and assurance service. All our professional audit specialists deliver the quality and high-standard services for which we are known.

For more information about any of our audit and assurance services, contact our dedicated team today.

RSM Advises Hyperion Materials & Technologies, Inc. (KKRGroup) on Acquisition of Sinter Sud S.p.A.

2 August 2021
RSM assisted US-headquartered multinational Hyperion Materials & Technologies, Inc. on on reaching an agreement to acquire Sinter Sud S.p.A., an Italy-based manufacturer of cemented carbide products.

RSM assisted Fenix Entertainment in IPO process on AIM Pro Italia

1 September 2020
RSM Societa' di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A. team, leaded by Partner Luca D’Ambrosio has assisted Fenix Entertainment S.p.A. in fulfilling comfort letters issue for listing on AIM Pro Italia, the new segment organised and managed by Borsa Italiana.

Financial statement and business continuity in times of Coronavirus

24 April 2020
The impact of the crisis on companies' financial statements But be careful to quantify the possible damage too soon

With the "increased intelligence" the new life of audit activity

18 April 2020
Making most of the operational functions automatic, leaving the crucial responsibility of the process evaluation phases to human intervention: this is the world record achieved by Rsm with Raffaele D’Alessio and Nts Project

Business crisis and audit. The solution? The Joint Audit, as in France.

14 January 2020
The new rules regarding the issue of corporate crisis make central the timeliness with which the crisis is recognized and with which the entrepreneur is required to notice it and intervene. Among the indicators of the crisis, the balance sheet quantities, whose correctness is guaranteed by the statutory audit, are perhaps the most noticeable.

Sanlorenzo on the Stock Exchange with a successful IPO. From RSM comfort letters and tax assistance.

12 December 2019
At 9 a.m. today the symbolic bell of Piazza Affari announced the first day of listing on the STAR market of Sanlorenzo SpA, Italian excellence worldwide in the design, production and marketing of tailored yachts, superyachts and sport utility yachts, as they are manufactured and customized according to the requests and desires of an exclusive clientele.

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