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Support services for companies in financial and operational difficulties

Restructuring & turnaround

RSM is able to assist and support its clients in TURNAROUND processes and management, through the analysis and assessment of the company or group’s current and prospective business lines, negotiating with the main stakeholders, assisting in the potential restructuring of company debt, supporting management in the reorganisation process, by preparing specific restructuring plans, as well as certificates if necessary, and in using protection tools recognised by the current legislation.

In addition, RSM can offer its clients third-party professionals (temporary manager, labour lawyers, legal advisors, etc.), who can preside over, deal with and resolve all kinds of problems that typically arise during times of crisis.


There are many factors that could take a company or group into a time of crisis, that although not physiologically, might render them unable to meet their contractual obligations, or generate instability in their profits that could lead to financial losses or losses of capital, leading to cash flow problems, an inability to obtain loans due to lack of trust from the financial community, as well as a lack of trust from clients and suppliers.

In this context, RSM is the best management and support partner in a crisis and temporary and prospective insolvency thanks to its ability to make use of the insolvency tools available as per Italian law. RSM’s professionals are accredited before the main Italian courts with years of experience collaborating with extraordinary and judicial administrators and the bankruptcy trustees of insolvency proceedings, as well as with the public prosecutor and judicial administrators, whilst fulfilling the role of adviser in insolvency and restructuring proceedings pursuant to article 182 bis and ter of the Bankruptcy Law, bankruptcy defences, etc.

Strengthened by the experience we have gained over the years directly supporting companies, groups and different types of organisations, we have detailed knowledge of the activities that need to be implemented and how to carry them out, which facilitates dialogue with all the parties involved in the procedure.

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