Budget day special - 2021 Tax Plan

This Budget Day Special outlines important proposals in the 2021 Tax Plan and additional legislative proposals.
This special is divided into the following topics: 

  • measures for COVID-19
  • measures for businesses;
  • measures for employers;
  • measures for international situations;
  • measures for immovable property;
  • measures for cars & mobility;
  • measures for (wealthy) individuals;
  • other measures.

The proposed measures will enter into force on 1 January 2021, unless stated otherwise.

Although this newsletter was prepared with the utmost care, RMS accepts no liability for any incomplete or incorrect information stated herein. This publication is exclusively intended to communicate news. We advise you to contact your RSM consultant to obtain information about the most current status of the legislation. 


Download 'Budget Day Special - 2021 Tax Plan' in pdf