Recording of webinar Managing Tax Integrity

On July 1st, RSM hosted a webinar on managing tax integrity at corporate service providers.
A recording of this webinar can be found below.

Tax Integrity has become a more significant topic in the last couple of years. Politicians are aiming to improve the tax integrity of companies. Supervisors require institutions to develop effective policies to manage tax integrity risks in a proper manner. The social pressure is increasing every day. But, the challenge is that Tax integrity risk management goes beyond what is required by law, resulting in many questions on how to comply.

The webinar covers:

  • What is the current regulatory landscape?
  • How to implement Regulatory Requirements?
  • Three actual case studies to guide on how to assess the tax integrity risk.
  • The tax angle including DAC6 and substance requirements.

This webinar was facilitated by:

  • Herman Annink, Director, RSM Netherlands Consultancy
  • Aike van der Staay, Managing Partner, Signum Consulting
  • Jaap van Dijk, Director, RSM Netherlands Consultancy
  • Mario van den Broek, Partner, RSM Tax & Business Consulting Services

Please note that in the coming months we will continue organizing free webinars, to talk about the topics specific to Corporate Service Providers.

If you have any questions in response to this webinar, please do not hesitate to contact the Governance, Risk and Compliance team  of RSM.