Raymond de Keijzer

Raymond has served as director of IT Audit for RSM since 2021. Raymond leads the nationwide IT Audit department. Prior to that, he gained extensive experience and knowledge with national and international clients at other auditing organizations. Raymond studied business administration supplemented by an IT Auditing degree at Tilburg University. Raymond is a member of the NOREA working group ENSIA.

Raymond's client portfolio includes both national and international clients on both SME and larger enterprises. In addition, Raymond has extensive experience in the public sector.

Raymond has extensive experience in performing various audits, including ISAE3402 reports and/or SOC reports. This provides assurance on outsourced services at a service organization.

Raymond also has extensive experience with ENSIA and DigiD Audits. Raymond builds a constructive relationship with the client so that annual audits are taken to a higher level.

His characteristics are analytical, committed, proactive, pragmatic, communicative and critical.