Suzanne de Boer

Suzanne has been with RSM since 2022. She has more than 16 years of work experience in the financial sector and the central government.

Suzanne is a specialist in managing behavioral risks, issues around compliance, behavior and culture, and organizational design. She is convinced that adding additional rules and regulations will not inspire people to behave as expected. This changes when we focus on the person behind the employee, when attention is paid to the context in which people work, and the culture present in an organization.

Suzanne is a trusted business partner who finds solutions that work for cultural, ethical and behavioral issues. She actively listens, asks questions, builds bridges and seeks common interests. She combines this with a hands-on mentality and a thorough knowledge of theory and practice, which leads to solutions that unite the interests of individuals, organizations and society as much as possible.

Since 2021, Suzanne is co-chair of the Knowledge Table Culture & Behavior of the Association of Compliance Professionals (VCO). She also teaches on the NCI's LCP curriculum. Suzanne holds a degree in organizational science from Tilburg University, and completed a master's degree in Compliance & Integrity Management from VU University in Amsterdam.