Marco Hammer

Marco has been working at RSM since 2012 as a registered accountant and (business and financial) advisor. Before that he has gained a lot of experience and knowledge at the Big Four companies with his national and international customers. He was able to carry out a large diversity of projects and assignments and is an all-round advisor. The nearly thirty years of experience in the industry and the large variety of customers have led to a great knowledge and quality in the service. Marco feels the need of building and maintaining relationships with his clients and acts on this.

In his career he also participated in the department of professional practice, which enabled him to deepen his (technical) knowledge here. Through years of experience in the field, his technical knowledge and working in international environments has trained him to become a versatile partner of RSM with a sense for the needs of customers and to act as a business partner for his clients.

As a partner, Marco does not think in terms of limitations, but in challenges. His motto is: "Provide added value by proactively using knowledge and skills in advising, so that the expectations of my relations are surpassed". He gladly uses his network for clients to also realize challenges and opportunities beyond his expertise.

His specialty is the fact that he serves the SME market in addition to the larger and more complex (international) customers. Marco does this with just as much motivation as other customers in his portfolio. He has a specialization in group audits, international complex audits and SSC environments. Because of this background he is very strong in coordination, communication and professional technique.

Marco followed his education at NIVRA and at the University of Nyenrode