Ronald Reek

Ronald has been working at RSM since 2020 as an Accountant, (business and financial) advisor as well as confidant for his clients in the SME sector. Prior to that he gained a lot of knowledge and experience at the Big Four with his clients in the family business in particular. He has gained a lot of experience with growing SMEs, financing, business succession and many other areas. Ronald is an all-round advisor. Over thirty years of experience in the industry and the wide variety of clients has led to a great knowledge and quality of service. Ronald senses the needs of relationship/clients and acts accordingly.

He is also part of the RSM bureau of professional technology and has been able to deepen his knowledge here. Years of experience in the field, his technical knowledge and working with both internationally and nationally operating (family) businesses have trained him to be a broadly deployable director at RSM with a feel for clients' needs and as a discussion partner / confidant for the DGA.

As a director, Ronald is a committed accountant who not only has an eye for financial technical matters but also for the relationship with the client and likes to introduce these clients to his own network. He sees it as a challenge to exceed the expectations of his clients and to live up to agreements made.

His specialty is the fact that he often acts as a confidant / sparring partner for his SME clients. He has a specialism in assisting growing SME's, assisting with financing applications and problems within the SME Family Business.