Would you like to raise a loan, are you looking for financiers or would you like to apply for a supplier credit? In that case, it is important that your financial statements have been audited and approved by an auditor. For large and listed companies, the audit of the financial statements is even required by law. These audits form an important part of the services of RSM, therefore. If you have the financial statements audited by our auditors, you will provide correct company information. Good for your reputation as a reliable party!

When is it important to have the financial statements audited?

You are legally required to have your financial statements audited if your company meets at least two of the criteria below for a period of two years:

  • a turnover of > € 12 million
  • a balance sheet total of > € 6 million
  • more than 50 employees on the payroll

If you do not meet these criteria, it may still be important to objectively establish that your financial statements are reliable. This is crucial information for stakeholders, shareholders and financiers, who make their decisions on the basis thereof. Clear figures send a positive signal and you benefit from better conditions.

Which companies choose RSM?

RSM specialises in auditing the financial statements of larger medium-sized companies and large private companies. These are often companies with a highly committed major shareholder. Often it also involves companies with a limited number of shareholders, such as business units of an international group of companies or companies that form part of a private equity.

These companies have in common a shareholder that is actively involved in the management team. This means extensive personal contact, short lines of communication and an efficient approach. We like that, don't you?

How do we audit the financial statements?

The purpose of the audit is to establish that your financial statements are correct, so that your financiers, suppliers and shareholders consider you a reliable partner. In doing so, we not only pay attention to the figures, but in particular the business processes. Are proper internal controls built in, allowing errors to be quickly discovered? What risks do we see in the business operations? Money is not flowing out anywhere?

We not only audit, but also give advice. Which processes can be improved? Where do the risks and the opportunities lie?

We opt for a personal approach. How? By ensuring continuity within the audit team that will be working for you, so that you have the same contact persons where possible.

This is how we make sure that our team thoroughly knows your business, and that we not only check the figures, but also keep a close eye on the big picture - such as future growth and the internal organisation.

Would you like more information?

Would you like to know more about auditing the financial statements? We are happy to inform you. Please contact us.