Are you not yet subject to a statutory audit, but are you evolving in that direction? Is your company growing so fast that merely preparing the financial statements no longer offers adequate assurance? Then it might be a good idea to have your financial statements reviewed. We will assess the figures, map out the business processes and indicate where improvements are needed to enable us to audit the financial statements in the future. Then you will know exactly what to do if your company becomes subject to a statutory audit.

When is it prudent to have the financial statements audited?

There are three different ways you can involve RSM in your financial statements. You can have the financial statements prepared, reviewed and audited. Audit of the financial statements is of particular interest to large companies that are legally obliged to do so or companies that wish to demonstrate their reliability to their stakeholders.

Companies that are not subject to a statutory audit, often only have their financial statements prepared. But sometimes you need more assurance. For instance, if your company is growing rapidly, which means that you will probably be subject to a statutory audit in the long term. In that case, it is a good idea to start having your financial statements reviewed, whereby we take a closer look at the figures and internal processes. You will then discover what exactly needs to be improved for the audit to be performed smoothly in the long term.

How do we review the financial statements?

Effectively, we consider a review as a stepping stone for you to become familiar with what is involved in the audit. We explicitly look at the figures and how you have financed your company. The internal processes are also assessed to help you optimise your internal organisation.

We opt for a personal approach, with as many permanent team members as possible carrying out the review. This ensures that our team knows your company very well and that we not only check the figures, but can also keep a close eye on the big picture - such as future growth and the internal organisation.

Would you like more information about reviewing the financial statements?

Would you like to know more? We are happy to inform you. Please contact us.