An ENSIA audit is a specific service for municipalities and municipality-affiliated parties. This audit aims to develop and implement the most effective and efficient information security accountability system possible.

What is an ENSIA audit for municipalities?

ENSIA stands for Uniform Standards Single Information Audit. This audit is based on the Baseline Information Security Government (BIO). By aligning the accountability process with the municipal Planning & Control cycle, the municipal government has a better overview of the state of information security and is better able to steer it.

How does an ENSIA audit work?

Every year, the municipality must perform an ENSIA assessment. This involves determining which aspects fall within the scope of the assessment each year. No later than 1 May, the municipality must submit the audit statement and the underlying documents in the ENSIA tool.

The auditors of RSM IT Audit have extensive experience in auditing municipalities. Both from the perspective of annual accounts and with ENSIA and DigiD audits. Together with you, we will draw up a plan for carrying out the ENSIA audit efficiently and effectively.

More information?

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