Our Belgium Desk is staffed by RSM’s Dutch and Belgian specialists. They are experienced advisers on international issues in general and Dutch-Belgian matters in particular.

A world of opportunity opens up when you transact business across international borders. However, you also have to be prepared for pitfalls if you are unfamiliar with local regulations, the country’s culture and mores, etc. Our Belgium-Netherlands Desk helps business owners, managers and companies in the Netherlands that want to target the Belgian market and vice versa, whether the intention is to go into business, live or work there.

From a Dutch point of view, Belgium certainly still provides opportunities, including in terms of tax. Having the right legal structure can deliver tax advantages over time. Opportunities for optimisation still abound in estate planning as well. It is therefore extremely important to coordinate efficiently with Belgian colleagues. This is a role that the RSM network, made up of highly experienced and well trained professionals, can fulfil perfectly.

If you want to know more about doing business, living and/or working across the Dutch-Belgian border, please contact one of our advisors: + 31(0)45 405 55 55.