Have you developed sustainable initiatives or achieved results in the area of sustainability? If so, you will naturally want to communicate this to your stakeholders (e.g. banks, customers and employees). Especially if they impose certain CSR requirements.

Identifying your CSR initiatives is important, not only for your reputation, but also because it makes your company more future-proof. RSM can assist you in analysing your non-financial performance, from drafting to auditing your impact report. This can be a concise visual impact dashboard or a complete CSR report. We can guide you in making the right assessment.

Impact dashboard

Do you want to show your stakeholders specific sustainability achievements, or would you like to start actively measuring and focusing on non-financial indicators? In that case, an impact dashboard is the right product for you. The impact dashboard consists of a brief overview of the 3-5 most important indicators of your company, including a short explanation. This dashboard instantly and clearly shows both you and your stakeholders your CSR achievements.

CSR report

A CSR report is a more comprehensive document that sets out all relevant topics in more detail. This document allows you to track the progress of your objectives and to respond to the information needs of a broad group of stakeholders. The CSR report allows you to make strategic choices in your transition to a sustainable economy.

What is our approach to reporting your impact?

First, we make an analysis of your sector, identifying the most important developments and wishes of your stakeholders. This forms the basis for defining the indicators to be included in your impact dashboard or CSR report. Once your key topics have been determined, we support you in measuring the indicators in a reliable and consistent manner and in drawing up your CSR report.

Is it important for your stakeholders for the impact dashboard or CSR report to be audited by an external party once they have been prepared? If so, we will audit your impact report thoroughly against the applicable standards, thus assuring your stakeholders of honest and reliable information. Following the audit, you will receive an auditor's report and any recommendations for improvement.

From reporting to improving non-financial performance

Besides support with the preparation and auditing of impact reports, we can also help you understand sustainability trends and draw up a sustainability strategy. By supervising the entire process, we help you transform your sustainable ambitions into specific results.

Would you like more information?

Would you like to present a clear overview of your CSR initiatives to your stakeholders by means of a visual impact dashboard or a comprehensive CSR report? Please contact us.