How do you start developing a digital or IT strategy that matches your organization? Both SME’s and larger organization struggle with the fundamental aspects of IT, especially after a period of underinvestment. A combination of an obsolete IT infrastructure and software that has been purchased when the organization was smaller, becomes a hindrance if this isn’t handled with a solid IT strategy.

Then there are also the behavioural and cultural aspects that go along with the applying of digitization. In principle, the Agile way of working is easy to understand. But it isn’t easy to implement this innovative method that forms the basis of a successful digital application.

Challenges SME’s and medium-sized organizations are dealing with

The IT strategy team of RSM understands the challenges SME’s and medium-sized organizations have when thinking of investing in IT. Because of the lack of skills and limited resources the planning of IT investments is difficult. And the higher management of the organization knows changes in IT are necessary, but they often do not know where to start.

An IT road map with an IT strategy as outcome

RSM offers a structured approach to an IT strategy. Together with our team, we work towards a pragmatic IT road map for investments that match your budget and gives priority to improvements for IT users. We do this by assessing the needs of the organization in relation to IT governance, IT personnel & support and IT systems and data equally.

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