Due to its favorable fiscal climate, modern infrastructure and its strong economy, The Netherlands offers multiple opportunities for Asian entrepreneurs. However, for your business to benefit from these opportunities, a thorough knowledge of the Dutch laws and regulations, and fiscal possibilities, is imperative.

The Asia Desk in the Netherlands has already been supporting multiple Asian entrepreneurs in their business activities in The Netherlands for several years. The majority of these entrepreneurs are Dutch holdings with an Asian mother  organization. Next to this, we offer our services to Dutch businesses of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants of an Asian descent, residing in Holland.

Comprehensive service

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the fiscal, financial and legal area,  the RSM Asian Desk in the Netherlands offers clients an integral service.

Naturally, we take care of various accountancy- and audit services and provide you with tailored tax advice, including the filing of your tax returns.

We also support you in setting up the optimal fiscal and legal structure for your business, and in handling prudential or Corporate Finance related matters. Thanks to our global network, we can think along with you, regarding specific Expat regulations (tax and immigration) for instance, or find you the right business connections from within our various Asian-related networks.

Why choose for the Asia Desk?

  • One point of contact for Asian entrepreneurs for fiscal, legal and financial advice
  • We speak your language and understand the cultural differences
  • Tailored advice
  • We listen and are committed to build and maintaining long lasting relationships
  • We work in small teams with short communication lines, we act quickly and think in solutions. 
  • We have a large Asia related network in The Netherlands

International aspirations?

Perhaps you do not only want to focus on the Dutch market, but also wish to explore the European or worldwide market. Then RSM is the best choice for your company. With our global network in over 120 countries, we can connect and act quickly with our international, professional partners. We can support you with all the questions about investment- and development opportunities that you may have.

An overview of Asia Desk documentation (In English and Mandarin)


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