The United States is an attractive base for international businesses. But what do you have to look out for? Where do the tax opportunities lie? The US Desk will assist you with all these matters.

The US Desk delivers results, especially for clients who are doing business or want to do business with companies in the United States. This desk is intended for Dutch organisations but also caters for American companies who want to structure their operations via the Netherlands or for holding companies and head offices with existing operations on Dutch territory.

The US Desk can support and assist your organisation with:

  • New business activities in or from the US.
  • Acquisitions, mergers and reorganisations in or from the US.
  • Making changes to legal forms and joint ventures.
  • Calculating internal transfer prices across borders (transfer pricing).
  • Cross-border investments and tax and legal processes.

Where necessary and desirable, specific expertise can be called in from the RSM office in the country concerned to provide you with comprehensive support.

If you have any questions about the US Desk, please contact: