The Dutch Tax Authorities check all corporate tax returns on a random basis. In the event of an audit, you must be able to submit all documents immediately and substantiate the amounts and items specified. The experienced tax consultants of RSM can provide you with excellent assistance in this respect.

Together we will go through your financial statements, tax books and administration to collect the information for the Tax Authorities. We will also handle all contact with the Dutch Tax Authorities if you wish. Thanks to our network and experience, an tax audit can then be carried efficiently.

Implementing the recommendations of the Dutch Tax Authorities

If the Dutch Tax Authorities take the position that there are shortcomings in the documents, we will advise you and assist you in substantiating your position and resolving differences and/or disputes. You may also be re-selected for an audit in the following years. You can choose to wait and see, or you may opt for horizontal monitoring.

Horizontal monitoring gives you control

Horizontal monitoring gives you a head start on an tax audit by the Dutch Tax Authorities. Together with a reliable and certified tax partner, such as RSM, you perform your own audits annually. Together with RSM a tax control framework will be drawn up, in consultation with the Dutch Tax Authorities. Based on the results, we prepare an agreement with the Dutch Tax Authorities on what needs to be done to become and remain fully tax compliant.

This horizontal monitoring gives the Dutch Tax Authorities more confidence in your tax management and considers you 'in control'. This reduces the need for unexpected audits.

Our permanent consultants advise on and assist in the implementation

Your RSM contact will assist you and your company in every tax audit or in setting up and carrying out horizontal monitoring. We conduct or join the discussions with the Dutch Tax Authorities. Because we know you and your company well, we can maximise our many years of experience to tailor our services to your business operations. This guarantees that your company remains tax compliant, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises or fines.

Would you like more information?

Would you like to know more about RSM's assistance in tax audits or about setting up horizontal monitoring for tax? Please contact us.