For companies that are required to pay VAT it is important to comply with laws and regulations. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in substantial financial risks. To identify and limit these risks, RSM offers VAT advice and the VAT scan.

A VAT scan enables us to create an overview of your situation.

We use the VAT scan to determine your VAT position in a structured manner. We look at your obligations and possibilities. Next, we draw up a report with recommendations. You can either implement these yourself or with the help of RSM.

As part of the VAT scan we conduct interviews within your company using a questionnaire. In doing so, we check the following:

  • Registration obligations
  • Laws and regulations
  • Has the reverse charge mechanism been properly applied
  • Invoicing requirements
  • Any VAT risks

We also request the required documents. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, we know exactly what to look out for in different types of companies. This enables us to offer you the best advice based on the results of the scan.

Due diligence and VAT

The purchase or sale of a company or business unit involves a great deal of work. RSM's consultants supervise many sales processes and perform due diligence reports for the buyer or seller. In the run-up to a potential sale, it may be wise to have a VAT scan carried out as well. This ensures that the risks related to turnover tax when buying or selling a company have also been properly identified during the assessment.

Would you like more information?

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