Under certain circumstances, companies engaged in international trade are subject to tax obligations at home and abroad. Possible tax obligations also include VAT returns.

To submit these returns, a company needs a VAT registration. In some cases, companies must also appoint a tax representative. RSM has a global network of tax specialists who can assist you with your VAT registrations, national and international VAT returns and the appointment of any tax representative.

Tax representation for foreign companies in the Netherlands

Companies that are not established in the Netherlands and wish to use certain tax facilities, such as the reverse charge mechanism for imports, must appoint a tax representative in the Netherlands. Our tax consultants have extensive experience in this area and can take care of this on behalf of your company.

EU VAT registrations for international companies

Many companies within the EU work across borders, for example in trade or for events. In that case, it is important to properly understand and comply with your tax obligations. RSM assists your company within the EU and/or worldwide in identifying your tax obligations and implementing the administrative requirements.

We have our own local tax specialists in almost every country, so we know the laws and regulations like the back of our hands. Thanks to our close collaboration with colleagues across the border, we can offer you the best service through your permanent consultants and local advice and guidance.

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