The VAT return can be very straightforward if your company is only established and generates taxable income in the Netherlands. However, if your company is involved in the supply and/or letting or leasing of real estate or, for example, receives income from other countries, a VAT return becomes more complex. You will have to deal with the laws and regulations of each country where you do business and possibly with the reverse charges of VAT. RSM's tax specialists can assist you in every country where you generate turnover. Thanks to our close-knit network of experienced VAT experts worldwide, we are in a better position than anyone else to prepare your national and international VAT return for you.

VAT return in the Netherlands as an international company

If your company is based abroad, you may need to register in the Netherlands to pay your VAT. The Dutch tax specialists from RSM can organise this on your behalf and prepare the returns. In many cases we collaborate with our foreign colleagues who already know you and your company well. This allows us to provide you with a quick and perfect service for your VAT return in the Netherlands.

Foreign VAT for a Dutch company

If your company does business abroad, you may be required to register VAT abroad and submit VAT return abroad. Thanks to our global network, together with our fellow tax specialists we can prepare VAT return in any country in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable there.

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