Monday 11 November 2013 – London – 572 national champions across 31 countries in Europe are today competing for the title of ‘National Public Champion’ as the public vote opens for the first time in this year’s European Business Awards sponsored by RSM International.

Videos from each national champion, telling an in depth story of the company’s business and its successes, have been posted online at the European Business Awards website, and can be viewed and voted for by the public between 11th November and 2nd January 2014. The National Public Champion in each country will be the company that receives the highest number of public votes.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “This year’s videos show some of the most successful and sustainable companies in Europe and we hope that anyone interested in business will take some time to watch the videos, either from their own country or from other countries, and then cast their vote. This aspect of the voting was a huge success last year, with over 35,000 votes cast.”

Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International added: “The public vote is a very important part of the Awards as it gives these entrepreneurial companies another way of showcasing their achievements to a wider audience across Europe."

The second public vote will take place between 14th January and 25th March and the result of this final round of voting is the selection from the 31 National Public Champions of one overall ‘European Public Champion’.

Separately, the video entries will be reviewed and scored by the European Business Awards’ panel of judges and on 14 January 2014, the Chairman of Judges will announce the 100 Ruban d’Honneur recipients. From these companies the overall winners of the ten European Business Awards categories, as well as the European Public Champion, will be announced at a Gala Event in May.

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