As of 1 May 2018 the Czech companies RSM TACOMA, RSM Infinity and RSM TACOMA Family Office have merged into one company, RSM CZ a.s.

At the same time, a similar merger has been undertaken in Slovakia where the Slovak companies RSM TACOMA Consulting and RSM Infinity Slovakia have been united under the common name of RSM Consulting SK as of the same date. RSM Technology CZ is unaffected by these changes.

In our continuing effort to ensure the highest integrity of our services and the comfort of our clients, we consider these mergers another step forward. Nothing changes for our customers. Our consulting, technology and family office services continue to be offered in the same form, by one company, RSM CZ in the Czech Republic and RSM Consulting SK in Slovakia.

Monika Marečková, Chairwoman of RSM CZ’s Board of Directors, commented on the merger: “We are Czech market leaders among consulting and technology firms. After 25 years in the market, we give up the names of TACOMA and INFINITY and merge into RSM CZ in the Czech Republic and RSM Consulting SK in Slovakia. We have decided to join forces with RSM as a brand with a strong presence worldwide. As a member of the RSM International network, we have access to global know-how and our services have an international reach. The combination of our companies into one is not a mere formal step that will lead to simplified administration but also a clear sign that we trust in the RSM brand and want to strongly support and develop it in the Czech and the Slovak markets. And, of course, we are determined to continue to offer our clients top-class local services with a wide international reach.”

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