RSM, the middle-market leader in the provision of audit, tax and consulting services, has announced the hire of former Head of HR & Labour Consulting for RSM South Africa, Candice Eaton Gaul, as the organisation’s new Diversity and Inclusion Leader.

Candice has over 15 years of in-house and client facing experience in human resources, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, organisational culture and employer branding. Candice is passionate about all aspects of employee satisfaction, and the significance of employee engagement for business success and client service.

As part of her new role, Candice will draw on her expertise to develop tools, training materials and other resources as part of RSM’s people-first strategy. These initiatives will assist all RSM Member Firms in achieving the individual and business benefits related to successful diversity and inclusion strategies, as well as the attraction, development, and retention of people with a variety of qualifications, cultures and opinions, that are essential to excellence in high performing teams.

Global CEO of RSM International, Jean Stephens said:

“I am excited to welcome long-standing RSM family member Candice to the Global Executive Office team to propel our diversity and inclusion strategy forward. Candice’s extensive experience and record of success in retaining and attracting talent will be essential to our journey, as we move ahead with our efforts to continue to embed diversity and inclusion into our DNA, through driving a progressive people-first strategy.

“As an international network with over 43,000 people across more than 120 countries, RSM is a rich tapestry of personalities and cultures, making diversity a truly fundamental part of our service offering. We look forward to continuing to harness the wealth of opportunities that come from valuing our greatest asset, our people, with Candice on board.”

In recent years, RSM has introduced several successful people initiatives including the RSM Academy, Next Generation Leaders and Forward Sprint programmes which are specifically designed to nurture young talent and fresh thinking with an emphasis on every voice and idea being heard.

Candice added:

"I am an ardent believer in the critical role that diversity and inclusion plays in facilitating high levels of employee satisfaction as a result of belonging, connectedness, critical thinking and personal growth. Diversity and inclusion benefits individual employees and enhances the employee experience but it also has a broader benefit to families and communities, while simultaneously advancing business initiatives and client service through higher levels of engagement, increased productivity, and the forging of stronger relationships.

“I am enthusiastic about my continued relationship with RSM, and it is a real honour to have been given the opportunity to work with Jean, the Global Executive Office and the RSM Member Firms around the world, to help empower all of my colleagues at RSM to be diversity and inclusion champions and advocates in their own right.”