RSM International, the seventh largest global network of independent audit, tax and advisory firms, is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2014.

Since its foundation in 1964, RSM has grown to become a network with member and correspondent firms in 108 countries who employ over 32,000 people across more than 700 offices. RSM is the sixth largest provider of tax services globally and has top ten member firms in all key economies, including the USA where it is the 5th largest provider, and in China where its member firm is part of the country’s third biggest national firm. RSM also recently announced the admission of Baker Tilly, the 7th largest firm in the UK, to its network.

Running from May through to the RSM World Conference at the end of October, the Global 50th Anniversary Tour will see celebratory events taking place at the network’s regional conferences in Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, and Europe, as well as at the RSM Academy and RSM ITAX Academy.

On 18 September, RSM World Day - the network’s annual day of internal and external activities, events and CSR initiatives focused on ‘Connected for Success’ - will see over 70 countries commemorating the occasion with special 50th Anniversary party activities.

Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International, said: “Celebrating RSM International’s 50th anniversary this year is an important milestone for our network and members. I am honoured and delighted to work with such a strong group of professionals and firms across the world. This is a time for us to thank our clients and colleagues of the past and present for the contributions that every single person has made to the success of the RSM network.”

Jean continued: “We are very proud of the enormous diversity of cultures and backgrounds of people within RSM and of the driving force within the network to provide the very best services to our clients. What makes this possible and binds us together is our relentless focus on having the right people, providing high quality solutions, developing cross-border business opportunities and continuing to build our brand globally.”

For the year ending 31 December 2013, RSM member firms’ total fee income was US$3.7billion, representing a 5% like-for-like increase in local currency terms on its 2012 results. In the past year the network has grown its cross-border referrals by 17%.

RSM has seen significant expansion in the past twelve months with new member firms and correspondents in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, Ghana, Isle of Man, Japan, Qatar, Swaziland, Sweden and the UK.

The network accepted the 350th graduate into its RSM Academy programme in 2013 and launched the RSM ITAX Academy, a two-year programme aimed at developing future leaders in international tax.

Stephens added: “We are committed to helping our client base prosper, whether it is a young entrepreneurial business, or a leading multi-national organisation, and look forward to building our network into new countries in order to be in the best position to serve our clients at the highest level wherever they have business needs."