Boye Wangensten Berge
Partner | Lawyer

Boye has 25 years’ experience as lawyer and is specialized in corporate law, tax law, energy law, accounting law, inheritance and succession (law of wills and succession) and board work.

His experience covers most industries, including an extensive experience from the renewable sector (water and wind power), from his position as long-standing manager of the legal deliveries from EY to the energy sector.

Boye has for a number of years been an advisor to some of the larger and medium sized companies within the renewable sector in Norway. He has a long experience with providing legal advice to a variety of corporate structures, including joint stock companies, public limited companies, foundations, associations, public enterprises, cooperatives, etc. This also applies to the renewable industry.

Boye is also specialized in equity transactions (mergers, de-mergers, etc, including the establishment of company law and functional separation in energy companies), after his role as head of EY’s equity transaction group for approximately 10 years.