Equity transactions may influence the company's equity and the owners' tax positions, for instance payment that constitutes a repayment of paid-up share capital may be repaid tax-free to the owners. Equity transactions can adjust a company's equity upwards or downwards, but it may also be the consequence of structural changes in a company or group structures. Since equity transactions may have a significant impact on tax positions and wealth tax, one must be aware of any consequences related to different types of capital incidents and be in control of any private tax positions such as tax-free paid-up share capital, deductible risk-free returns and so on. RSM Advokatfirma has long and broad experience in equity transactions.

We can assist with:

  • Establishing companies, foundations and other entities
  • Changes in share capital such as capital reductions and capital increases
  • Stock splits and conversions
  • Share issues and raising of capital
  • Dividends, repayment of paid-in capital and other distributions
  • Full or partial liquidation, dissolution and deletion
  • Identification of tax positions, such as tax-free paid-up share capital
  • Drafting of corporate documents
  • Reporting to the Register of Business Enterprises
  • Tax reporting
  • Accounting
  • Shareholders' agreements, shareholder rights and shareholder disputes
  • The company’s board liability
  • Tax conflicts, handling of complaints and litigation

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